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Re: Inquiry Driven Systems


3.2.  Reflective Inquiry.  Note 5


3.2.2.  Apparitions and Allegations (cont.)

Once the dimension of existential import is recognized as a parameter
of interpretation, for example, as it runs through the spectrum of
meanings that the construals of "apparitions" and "appearances"
are differentially scattered across, then there are several
observations that ought to be made about the conceivable
distributions of senses:

1.  In principle, the same range of ambiguities and equivocalities
    affects both of the words "apparition" and "appearance" to the
    same degree, however much their conventional usage tilts their
    individual and respective senses one way or the other.

2.  Deprived of its existential import, the applicational phrase
    "appearance of an object" (AOAO) means something more akin to
    the adjectival or analogous phrase "object-like appearance" (OLA).
    Can it be that the mere appearance of the preposition "of" in the
    application "P of Q" is somehow responsible for the tilt of its
    construal toward a more substantial interpretation, one with
    a fully existential import?

3.  Interpreting any apparition, appearance, phenomenon, or sign
    as an "appearance of an object" is tantamount to the formation
    of an abductive hypothesis, that is, it entertains the postulation
    of an object in an effort to explain the particulars of an appearance.

4.  The positing of objects to explain apparitions, appearances, phenomena,
    or signs, to be practical on a regular basis, requires the preparatory
    establishment of an "interpretive framework" (IF) and the concurrent
    facilitation of an "objective framework" (OF).  Teamed up together,
    these two frameworks assist in organizing the data of signs and
    the impressions of ideas in connection with the hypotheses of
    objects, and thus they make it feasible to examine each
    "object-like appearance" and to convert each one that
    is suitable into an "appearance of an object".

At this point it ought to be clear that the pragmatic theory of signs
permits the "whole of phenomenal reality" (WOPR) to be taken as a sign,
perhaps of itself as an object, and perhaps to itself as an interpretant.
The articulation of the exact sign relation that exists is the business of
inquiry into a particular universe, and this is a world whose existence,
development, and completion are partially contingent on the character,
direction, and end of that very inquiry.

Jon Awbrey

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