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Re: SUO: on SUO and other projects


        Thank you for your candor regarding my employer.  

        I'd just like to say, to you and others with similar feelings, I
respect your opinions, as I hope you respect my choice of employment.    

        But I do think we can all work together on a generic SUO.

        I'd also like to explain that while I work for the US Army, I
work on SUO as an individual, on my own time. My office has never granted
me work time to serve as chair of SUO.  I don't represent my employer in
my role as SUO Chair.

        As Chair, I will work to keep SUO generic and certainly not
dominated by any given group.  Besides, IEEE rules require a balanced
balloting group, so there's no chance a document dominated by one group
could ever even go to the balloting stage, let alone pass. 

Jim Schoening

> Stefano,
> Thanks for posting your message, which I think is a diplomatic
> attempt to open up for discussion what for some may be a bit of
> surprise, and perhaps open a way forward. I would say that the
> issue does go deeper than simply a communication problem.
> Over the past twenty five years I have altered academic and
> professional course, and turned down a number of potentially
> lucrative career opportunities because I did not want to be
> involved in military or surveillance work. I am not a pacifist,
> but I also don't want my personal energies directed towards the
> conduct of war. With this is mind I was rather dismayed to learn
> of the chair's employment. And I wish to make this clear: there
> is nothing whatsoever personal or partisan in what I'm saying,
> nothing to do with the chair as a person. This is about my own
> desire to not be involved in military work. As you say, Stefano,
> a medical or legal project would not (to me) have this stigma.
> We are living in a time when there is possibly greater sensi-
> tivity to these issues, though looking back through history I
> can't think of a time when this issue didn't exist.
> So while the SUO project is hungry for some example project to
> flesh out issues, etc., I would myself not be involved in the
> BIKE project, and if SUO were to seem to become enmeshed in
> predominantly military work I would cease involvement altogether.
> I know of a number of friends and coworkers who feel the same
> as I do. For some this may not be an issue. But I must agree with
> the sentiment expressed earlier, that the SUO project is interna-
> tional in scope and should attempt to promote itself as a neutral
> (and hopefully peaceful) endeavour.
> Murray
> ......................................................................
> Murray Altheim                    
> Knowledge Media Institute
> The Open University, Milton Keynes, Bucks, MK7 6AA, UK               
> .
>    "Ours is a dangerous time with two relatively new threats,
>     both of them exacerbated by the Iraq invasion and this
>     administration's policies. One is the threat of future
>     terrorism by Osama and al Qaeda. The other is the threat
>     to our freedoms and our constitutional republic. These
>     are dangers that were never faced before in my lifetime."
>                                               -- Daniel Ellsberg

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