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SUO: Peer-to-peer interoperability of ontologies

A summary,

As I had to answer out of list comments on my message:

I was lead to devise a concise definition of it's content 
that might be worthwhile for those not inclined to decipher 
arcane technical specifications:

I believe the conventional view of ontologies as some kind of
authoritative dictionary elaborated with much pain by consensual debate
is obsolete and does not even allow the kind of communication for
which they are supposedly made for, that is, sharing knowledge between
remote interacting parties, lest it "freezes" the accepted meanings
and slows down the evolution of concepts.

The solution I advocate, at a technical level, is to view each
ontology as an evolving repository continuously incorporating new
meanings from interaction with other parties just as needed to make
sense of the ongoing exchanges.

Have fun.

-- Jean-Luc Delatre
"The only difference between me and a madman is that I am not mad." 
    - Salvador Dali 
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