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SUO: Re: powerpoint presentation with corrections


I plan to go ahead. This will let people openly express themselves, and give
us a record of people's opinions that we can reference in later discussions.

There are 49 PowerPoint slides in my SUO Workshop presentation, which I sent
you to be posted. Some of these slides illustrate by example the connections
(dependencies) between the 3 levels in the IFF Foundation Ontology -- the
object level, with the content ontologies (containing terminology for,
amongst other things, events, physical objects, etc), the lower metalevel,
which is the part of the metalevel (non-categorical terminology!!!) visible
from the object level, and the upper metalevel, which is seen only by the
lower metalevel.

There were comments and concerns at the SUO workshop about intimidating
users with category theory terminology. But as I commented at the workshop,
and have repeated above, the terminology visible to the user is that
introduced in the domain ontologies, and the foundation terminology visible
to the content ontology developer is that terminology introduced in the
lower metalevel -- terms such as 'subtype', 'expression', 'model',
'1st-order interpretation', etc. This is normal semantic terminology, but
not category theory terminology. The category terminology is introduced in
the upper metalevel, and this is seen only by the lower metalevel. Compare
the dependencies in Figure 1 "IFF Foundation Ontology (with dependencies)"
of the document [].

Robert E. Kent

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Subject: Re: powerpoint presentation with corrections

> Robert,
>    By the way, do you plan to go ahead with your motion to make IFF a
> "starter document", or withdraw it until you can show a connection between
> it and events, physical objects, etc as was discussed at the workshop?
> Adam
> At 01:02 PM 8/8/2001 -0700, Robert E. Kent wrote:
> >Adam,
> >
> >I noticed during my PowerPoint presentation of "The IFF Category Theory
> >Ontology" at the SUO workshop on Monday that one of the slides was
> >corrupted. Here is a new copy of my presentation (~340KB) with
> >made. Thanks. Good talking to you. I had fun.
> >
> >Robert E. Kent
> >
> >
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