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IEEE P1600.1

Standard Upper Ontology Working Group (SUO WG)

How to Participate

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How to Participate in Working Group: All interested individuals are welcome to join and participate. You do not need to be an IEEE member (except to join the Balloting Group--see below).

  • No Meetings: This group does not hold physical meetings, but rather conducts its business via the the email reflectors cited below. However, certain conferences do attract many SUO members and informal meetings will take place at these forums.
  • E-mail Reflectors: The email lists below are the primary medium for the work of this group.
  • Voting Membership: Voting membership in this working group can be attained by completing an application form (see How we do Business), participating in the work of this group, and waiting for 6-months (from date of application).  List of members with current and pending voting rights.
  • Balloting Group: If you desire a voice and input to final approval of this standard, you may join the Balloting Group. This group will form in a year or two, when the document gets closer to completion. You will be required to be an IEEE member to join this group.

E-mail Reflectors

The following e-mail lists are currently in use:


Commands are  listed in alphabetical  order, with the  minimum acceptable
abbreviation  in capital  letters. Angle  brackets are  used to  indicate
optional parameters. All commands which  return a file accept an optional
'F=fformat' keyword (without the quotes)  that lets you select the format
in  which  you  want  the  file sent;  the  default  format  is  normally
appropriate  in  all  cases.  Some esoteric,  historical  or  seldom-used
commands and options have been omitted.
List subscription commands (from most to least important)
SUBscribe    listname <full_name>              Subscribe to a list, or change
                                               your name if already subscribed
                      ANONYMOUS                -> Subscribe anonymously
             Following either <full_name> or ANONYMOUS, you may specify
             individual subscription options (DIGEST, MIME, etc):
                      <WITH opt1 opt2...>      -> With specified options
SIGNOFF                                        Remove yourself:
             listname                          - From the specified list
             *                                 - From all lists on that server
             * (NETWIDE                        - From all lists in the network
SET          listname options                  Alter your subscription options:
             ACK/NOACK/MSGack                  -> Acknowledgements for postings
             CONCEAL/NOCONCEAL                 -> Hide yourself from REVIEW
             DIGests/INDex/NODIGests/NOINDex   -> Ask for digests or message
                                                  indexes rather than getting
                                                  messages as they are posted
             HTML/NOHTML                       -> Prefer/avoid HTML mail
                                                  (especially HTML indexes)
             Mail/NOMail                       -> Toggle receipt of mail
             MIME/NOMIME                       -> Prefer/avoid MIME format
                                                  (especially MIME digests)
             REPro/NOREPro                     -> Copy of your own postings?
             TOPICS: ALL                       -> Select topics you are
                     <+/->topicname               subscribed to (add/remove
                                                  one or replace entire list)
CHange                                         Change your e-mail address:
             listname newaddr                  -> On the specified list only
             * newaddr                         -> On all lists hosted here

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